About the frame

Choose according to your taste.

Choose a frame that matches your favorite painting.

I think that it is a very difficult task to choose the type of picture frame by yourself.

​Our professional staff will select a picture frame at our exclusive art supply store and prepare it so that it can be hung on the wall as soon as it arrives.


Estimated frame type and amount

There are various types of frames, from simple ones to box types and heavy ones. Please select the type first. Please consider this as a guideline only, as the amount will vary depending on the size and material. Let's decide while having a meeting with our store staff and art supply store staff. Of course, you can leave it to us.

​picture frame


​Flow until the work arrives


After payment, we will contact you within one week, including preparations for transportation.


Please choose your favorite work from the works of carefully selected artists.




Professional staff will pack and prepare for delivery. Delivery company will be Sagawa Express.

​Large works over 80 cm will be installed and removed by our professional staff. *separate cost