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「The flow of time and the trajectory of running」

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- Patina - Can you express yourself in a photo? The question is whether it is possible to draw the inner self-portrait, not the outer self-portrait. In recent years, mutual understanding and fusion among people from various fields has become an urgent issue. It is true that harmony and dialogue are the best ways to solve problems. But most importantly, confirm who I am. "Where am I now" before stating our position on the country. For mutual understanding and integration in this country, we need communication with our inner self. Because after you regain your own tranquility, you enter into a deep and broad relationship. This artist tries to shape his paintings in the most humane way. This is an attempt to fill a void in the "me" he didn't know or wanted to know. What does it mean to paint using the work tool 'time' as a way to find 'I'? As a way to find 'himself', he tries to find an answer under the name 'Mizukakuto'. It was vividly revealed in his art world. Although he started searching for motifs from his own name, he is trying to approach "self" by grafting his own painting style and his own worldview. For him painting is a process of 'self-discovery' and finishing is manifestation. So you have to follow the 'dots' and 'lines' of the innocent brush like a child. What makes him believe that the shape made up of 'points' and 'lines' is another 'self'? The time he lived and the time he lived. So I think an artist cannot exist without time. This work, which he has endured the flow of time and has continued to run, is truly a process that opens the door to communication that transcends the "self."


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