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“I want everyone to feel even just a little bit of happiness in their lives.


jewelry artist taste

noA (NOA)


□ Active in Japan

□ Popular with women

□ Published in the media

​□ Exhibition at the museum

​Artist Introduction

I create tatting lace accessories that are carefully hand-knitted with the hope that they will help create a soft and positive feeling in every moment of your life, when you open the accessory box, when you wear them and look in the mirror. . Although it has a delicate design like openwork carving, it is very light and has less strain on the ears by knitting and coating with ultra-fine thread, and the colors are also diverse and vivid.

Tatting lace is one of the most delicate lace weaving techniques that originated in Europe. Yarn artist noA's tatting lace is woven using finer thread than normal tatting lace, giving it a more delicate finish.


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