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All the things I felt and happened in my daily life, things I want to forget and things I don't want to forget, all in one picture.



Yumi Tashima


□ Active in Japan

□ Popular with women

□ Published in the media

​□ Exhibition at the museum

​Artist Introduction

Born in 1984. “To draw is to live” It is a necessary and irreplaceable thing even if something happens or nothing happens. To be able to draw a picture, with love and gratitude to the work. I want to draw pictures that make the viewers feel at home, so that they can go to a different world even for a moment. In 2016, he participated in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum AFAF AWARDS 2016 new artist open call exhibition, and in 2019 held a solo exhibition “Meet in the Air” at the art gallery 410 Gallery. Participated in the 2020 Special Exhibition ~Cherry Blossoms~ tresallir, and the 2020 Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition.


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